Simple is complicated. Invisible is innovation.

Create a vertically orientated light with no view of the source through a semi-transparent material—even while on.

We were told this was impossible.


To this day, this word points the way forward.

Our original pursuit to optimize design and performance and recreate the way daylight is experienced through fenestration—without compromise—continues to defy convention and transform expectations for general area illumination.

Linear Anidolic Optics

The innovation that started everything. Transparent, vertical optics are engineered specifically for LED sources. Integrated with minimalist design and architectural materials, they deliver a broad range of products with superior optical and energy performance. Exemplified in View and Transom.

  • Light + Color
  • Light Extraction

Light + Color

Anidolic optical structures disperse and mix light, eliminating any visible images of the LED point source and ensuring accurate and consistent color.

Light Extraction

Precise extraction elements refract and reflect light, emitting high performance distributions with exceptional optical control and efficacies.
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Anidolic Extraction in Profile, Fold, Inbox, Notch and Spoke

The second iteration of linear Anidolic optics places the vertically orientated lens and longitudinal transparency to the fixture perimeter, creating a void or hollow aesthetic while maintaining equally high performance and control.

Rails Optics

The continuation of Anidolic optic technology redefines high performance recessed application. Twin parallel optics span illuminated horizontal planes to reveal a balance of unexpected aesthetics and uncompromising performance.

  • Precision + Balance
  • Anidolic + Extraction

Precision + Balance

The dual optical rails, balanced with the luminous floating effect of the translucent horizontal panels, eliminate visible images of intense LED point sources. The result is a precise distribution providing greater on-center spacing, exceptional work plane uniformity with lower energy density and maximum visual comfort.

Anidolic + Extraction

The clear Anidolic stage of the optic homogenizes light from intense LED point sources into a uniform, accurate and consistent color. The lower stage of the rail optic delivers precise extraction, emitting a high performance distribution with exceptional optical control and efficacy.
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Radial Anidolic Optics

Radial Anidolics revolutionizes the concept of high performance and comfort, allowing control of light in a 360 degree batwing distribution—all with no view of the source, optical clarity and transparent aesthetics. Radial Anidolic optics deliver a highly efficacious, precise, axially symmetric lighting distribution in a small scale, transparent optical lens for seamless integration with modern industrial design.

  • Wide Angle Indirect
  • Radial Anidolic Elements
  • Precision Extraction
  • 360° Symmetric Batwing

Wide Angle Indirect

A wide angle indirect distribution allows a minimal suspension distance to achieve a uniform, luminous ceiling plane. Combined with a 360° symmetrical batwing direct distribution, the indirect optic delivers better uniformity, lower energy densities and maximum visual comfort.

Radial Anidolic Elements

The initial stage of the optical technology mixes light as it rotates around the fully transparent Radial Anidolic element. The result is a floating ring of light with accurate and consistent color that losslessly eliminates any visible images of the intense LED point source.

Precision Extraction

The second stage uses precise extraction elements to emit high performance distributions with exceptional optical control and efficacies.

360° Symmetric Batwing

Radial Anidolic optics deliver a batwing distribution that is symmetrical on all planes around the horizontal axis for optimal visual comfort from all viewing angles and exceptional work plane uniformity.
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Ocular Anidolic Optics

The convergence of Anidolic optics with pure architectural form, ocular Anidolics encompasses all of the of our values: performance, efficacy, aesthetics, visual comfort and transparency. This optical technology obscures the source while simultaneously allowing a view right through the fixture to the ceiling plane.

A breakthrough ocular optic simultaneously delivers an elegant and efficacious distribution to both hemispheres, balancing occupant comfort with high performance and value.

Complies with WELL v2™️ WELL Building Standard™️

  • Anidolic Elements
  • Precise, Open Extraction
  • Wide Angle Distributions
  • Application Specific Distributions

Anidolic Elements

The initial stage of the anidolic optic efficiently mixes light from linear LED arrays to create a uniform, regressed ring of light, eliminating visible images of intense LED point sources.

Precise, Open Extraction

The second stage uses precise, open extraction elements to emit high performance up/down distributions with exceptional optical control and efficacy. See-through architecture creates a spacious experience with inherent cut-off.

Wide Angle Distributions

A wide angle indirect distribution allows for greater on-center spacing with a uniform, luminous ceiling plane for maximum visual comfort and lower energy density.

Application Specific Distributions

Anidolic optics specifically engineered for 75 and 100 percent downlight variants provide a controlled direct batwing distribution for superior performance in the broadest range of applications.
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See through the conventional to the exceptional