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Color + Life



Fluxwerx designs the LED boards used in our products and we only populate our boards with LED chips from major manufacturers with a testing record to accurately predict results. We’ve done this since the company’s foundation in 2011 to ensure that the color accuracy within a product and the consistency between products meets our standards and your expectations.

Color accuracy between products is within a 2-step MacAdam ellipse (< 2 SDCM) and available in multiple color temperatures with CRI > 80 or CRI > 90.

LEDs are selected using a binning algorithm to ensure that color and lumen output of the final luminaires are consistent and surpass industry standard ANSI C78.377 specifications for chromaticity.

Innovative design, optics and low operating temperatures ensure that color quality is maintained throughout the rated lifetime of the product.

Lumen Maintenance


Based on IESNA LM80 test results and TM21 guidelines, as well as measured operating junction temperatures, our products typically maintain more than 90% of their initial light output for more than 60,000 hours of operation, well above the industry standard.

To further guarantee a lifetime of superior performance, we utilize only leading global vendors ensuring all products are built with the highest quality components and have met the highest testing standards.