Nanaimo Airport


The new Nanaimo Airport’s architectural identity is inspired by the region’s landscape, geology, mining and forestry industries, as well as aeronautical structures from the period of local flying ace “Raymond Collishaw” to whom the original terminal is named after. Completion of the first phase of the project increases the passenger departure lounge space and provides dedicated passenger security screening. The architectural solution includes an elegant modular expression that can be repeated to accommodate future expansions. 

The lighting design addressed many challenging elements including functionality, flexibility and sustainability. As the electrical engineering and lighting design team for the Nanaimo Airport project,the AES Engineering team was committed to striking a balance between providing sufficient lighting and maintaining the aesthetic of the architectural elements. 

Selected suspended Fold luminaires deliver a clean and architectural form, echoing the geometry of the airport ceiling vaults. Zone control, continuous dimming, timers and daylight sensors provide the needed control functionality while exceeding the requirements of the energy code. Remote drivers allow fixtures to blend seamlessly with the design. Fold’s linear anidolic optics deliver precise and controlled beam angles and reduce the visual impact of the light source while enhancing the architectural features of the space. Functional and aesthetic performance is achieved while connecting 48% less power than stipulated by ASHRAE 90.1.

Our goal was to find a fixture that allowed uniform light distribution while blending seamlessly into the geometric ceiling design. Fluxwerx was able to tune the fixture output to achieve the optimal lighting levels. Due to Fluxwerxʼs efforts, we were able to create a well-illuminated and thoughtfully-designed space, without compromising performance or safety.

– Pelle Björnert, Principal, AES Engineering



Infrastructure / Aviation


Nanaimo BC


Nanaimo Airport Commission


office of mcfarlane biggar architects + designers inc. (omb) & Checkwitch Poiron Architects Inc.

Lighting Design

AES Engineering / Pelle Björnert


Andrew Latreille


IES Vancouver 2020 Vision Award, Interior Lighting Design category

LIT Design Award 2020, Interior Architectural Lighting category

IESNA Illumination Award of Merit, Interior Lighting Design category