Loop Recessed

Design is the continuous pursuit of perfection

With cutting-edge radial Anidolic optics and the latest LED technology, Loop delivers an optimal balance of modern design, technical performance, and minimal energy consumption to combine quality illumination with contemporary architecture.

  • Axially symmetric batwing allows for wider row spacing and reduces material and labor costs – up to 10′ by 12′ on-center spacing delivering over 40 fc average at <0.35 W/sqft and under 1.5:1 workplane uniformity
  • Output options available 6″x2 (12W/15W/19W) 6″x4 (19W/23W/29W/38W) – NO ADDER
  • Designed for low operating temperatures for long life – L90 @ 60,000 hours, over 200,000 hours @ L70
  • Strategic LED selection, binning and board design ensure that chromaticity and color accuracy
  • Available in 3000K, 3500K or 4000K, all with SDCM < 2, CRI > 80 and CRI > 90
  • Third party tested and backed by a 5-year warranty

WELL Building v2 + LEED v4 Compliance Reference Guide

A reference guide to assist in selecting Loop Recessed and other Fluxwerx luminaires that comply with WELL Building v2 and LEED v4 requirements.

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New radial Anidolic optics deliver a highly efficacious, precise, axially symmetric lighting distribution in a small scale, transparent optical lens for seamless integration with modern industrial design.

  • Radial Anidolic Elements
  • Precise Extraction
  • 360° Symmetric Batwing

Radial Anidolic Elements

The initial stage of the optical technology mixes light as it rotates around the fully transparent Radial Anidolic element. The result is a floating ring of light with accurate and consistent color that losslessly eliminates any visible images of the intense LED point source.

Precise Extraction

The second stage uses precise extraction elements to emit high performance distributions with exceptional optical control and efficacies.

360° Symmetric Batwing

Radial Anidolic optics deliver a batwing distribution that is symmetrical on all planes around the horizontal axis for optimal visual comfort from all viewing angles and exceptional work plane uniformity.
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Loop Recessed Application

Best Practices

Open office60 x 60 x 92x219 W
498' x 8'
1.737 fc0.25 W/ft²
29 W3610' x 10'
1.338 fc0.28 W/ft²
38 W
3010' x 12'1.342 fc0.33 W/ft²
1x4 or 6"x2 / 6"x419/38 W16/256' x 6' offset1.545 fc0.36 W/ft²
Private Office12 x 10 x 91x4 or 6"x429 W28' o.c.1.334 fc0.47 W/ft²
Corridor6 x 60 x 91x1 or 6"x219 W415' o.c.1.2 (floor)10.5 fc0.22 W/ft²
Meeting Room20 x 16
1x1 or 6"x215 W
37 fc
0.40 W/ft²
Library40 x 30
1x4 or 6"x423 W168'x10'1.435 fc0.31 W/ft²
Classroom32 x 302x229 W128'x10'1.542 fc0.36 W/ft²