See through conventional to the exceptional

With breakthrough ocular Anidolic optics and the latest LED technology, Aperture delivers an optimal balance of modern design, technical performance, and minimal energy consumption to combine quality illumination with contemporary architecture. The convergence of anidolic optics with pure architectural form opens the possibilities to a broad range of applications.

  • Batwing distributions in both upper and lower hemispheres allow for wider row spacing and removes material and labor costs – up to 15 ft on center spacing, able to deliver 45fc with 0.40 W/sqft
  • 4 Output options available (17W/21W/26W/34W)
  • Designed for low operating temperatures for long life – L90 @ 60,000 hours, over 200,000 hours @ L70
  • Strategic LED selection, binning and board designs ensure that chromaticity and color accuracy surpass industry standards
  • Available in 3000K, 3500K or 4000K, all with SDCM < 2, CRI > 80 and CRI > 90.
  • Third party tested and backed by a 5-year warranty

WELL Building v2 + LEED v4 Compliance Reference Guide

A reference guide to assist in selecting Aperture and other Fluxwerx luminaires that comply with WELL Building v2 and LEED v4 requirements.

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Aperture’s revolutionary ocular optic simultaneously delivers an elegant and efficacious distribution to both hemispheres, balancing occupant comfort with high performance and value.

  • Andiolic Elements
  • Open Extraction
  • Wide Angle Distributions
  • Application Specific Distributions

Andiolic Elements

The initial stage of the anidolic optic efficiently mixes light from linear LED arrays to create a uniform, regressed ring of light, eliminating visible images of intense LED point sources.

Open Extraction

The second stage uses precise, open extraction elements to emit high performance up/down distributions with exceptional optical control and efficacy. See-through architecture creates a spacious experience with inherent cut-off.

Wide Angle Distributions

A wide angle indirect distribution allows for greater on-center spacing with a uniform, luminous ceiling plane for maximum visual comfort and lower energy density.

Application Specific Distributions

Anidolic optics specifically engineered for 75 and 100 percent downlight variants provide a controlled direct batwing distribution for superior performance in the broadest range of applications.
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Best Practices

Open Office Ceiling
60 x 60 x 925 Up | 75 Dn - 26W30 runs of 8'18" | 10'x12'2.1 l 4.045 fc l 0.44 W/ft²
Open Plan Office60 x 60 x 975 Up | 25 Dn - 26W4 runs of 56'18" l 15' o.c.1.9 l 4.646 fc l 0.41 W/ft²
T/I Fit-Out60 x 60 x 975 Up | 25 Dn - 21W5 runs of 56'18" l 12' o.c.1.5 l 3.046 fc l 0.40 W/ft²
Private Office12 x 9 x 975 Up l 25 Dn - 34W1 run of 8'18"1.5 l 3.835 fc | 0.63 W/ft²
Classroom30 x 36 x 975 Up | 25 Dn - 26W3 runs of 24'18" | 12' o.c.1.9 l 4.546 fc | 0.44 W/ft²
Science Classroom30 x 36 x 925 Up l 75 Dn - 26W3 runs of 32'18" l 10' o.c.2.0 l 3.774 fc l 0.58 W/ft²
Computer Lab30 x 32 x 975 Up | 25 Dn - 21W9 runs of 8'18" | 10'x10'1.6 l 3.338 fc | 0.39 W/ft²
Retail60 x 30 x 120 Up l 100 Dn - 34W20 runs of 8'36" l 8'x12'1.574 fc l 0.76 W/ft²