See through conventional to the exceptional

Transformative design converges the unexpected and the apparent.

Performance, design and value in two unique aesthetics that combines architectural geometry with uncompromised photometry.

Cross section view of aperture lighting to showcase the anidolic optics

Anidolic Optics
Light years ahead

The convergence of Anidolic Optics with pure architectural form opens the possibilities to a broad range of applications. A revolutionary ocular optic simultaneously delivers elegant and efficacious distributions (Indirect/Direct—75Up/25Down, mainly Direct—25Up/75Down and Direct—100 Down) to both hemispheres, balancing occupant comfort with high performance and value.

Clear Choice

Anodized architectural grade extruded aluminum components are precision machined and factory installed for perfect fit. Requiring no electrical connections at fixture joints, Aperture can be installed as an independent pendant or as a continuous lighting system with virtually seamless runs.

aperture lighting featured in wood shop classroom environment. 6 rows of clean desks, various woodworking machinery along the sides

Breakthrough design opens new possibilities

Product options with no adders, desirable pricing and 7 Day Quickship delivery to meet design and construction objectives for the broadest range of applications.

See Through To The Architectural Environment

closeup of square aperture lighting focusing on 3 of the lighting inserts
Choice of either Square or Circle cellular details
closeup of aperture circle lighting showcasing the circle features
Two endcap styles, preinstalled for perfect fit and finish.
closeup of hand holding aperture circle light
Three optical distributions: 25 Up/75 Dn, 75 Up/25 Dn and 100 Dn

Discreet, diminutive design.

workspace area in a library that has aperture lighting fixtures. pink chairs seated around a table

Design without compromise

Choose from a variety of aesthetic and performance options to match your vision–all with no difference in price. Use Aperture and open yourself up to new opportunities.

Aperture circle suspended against a solid light grey background

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