... light connects architecture + humanity

To us, the triumph of groundbreaking new digital technology is not defined merely by its creation or obvious application, but in the developments that follow—what is next and how far we are able to advance it.

Fluxwerx was formed in 2011 to deviate from the expected with a trajectory unconstrained by legacy products and limits on imagination. 

We take the path of resistance, exploring opportunities with exponential potential for innovation in commercial lighting. Our purpose is unprecedented performance benchmarks and transformative design.

This was the impetus for Anidolic-extraction optics, our first breakthrough. It is also why we continue our pursuit of invention and differentiated design by challenging convention with meaningful innovation.

These beliefs about our products are why we also designed an organization to support them.

Through teamwork, creativity and an unconventional approach, Fluxwerx continues to synthesize industrial design, optical engineering and LED technology with an obsessive attention to detail.

This is Fluxwerx

Our award-winning, minimalist designs always offer an optimal balance of energy, atmosphere and occupant—without compromise.