Hilton Washington DC National Mall


Hilton Washington DC National Mall, opened in April 2019, is located in the nation’s capital near the National Mall with close proximity to museums as well as to the recently developed Wharf District.  The hotel’s emphasis is to provide unique experience with contemporary interior design and cutting-edge technology that appeals to today’s tech-savvy guests.

Aperture family of luminaires offers impressive photometric performance via well engineered lens/optic design in a contemporary style housing enclosure.  Different beam distribution options and fixture configurations were specified in specific areas of the project to achieve well balanced contrast and precise beam coverage on task surfaces. 

Aperture–Square fixtures used in the Starbucks Area generate a comfortable lighting environment for hotel guests to socialize or work on a laptop.  Aperture-Circles fixtures with direct/indirect distribution used in the Fitness Center offer a soft glare-free diffused layer of light in the space.  The special design of the circular lens inset into each cell of the fixture adds visual dimension and interest to the fixture that distinguishes itself in the lighting industry today.


Fluxwerx Aperture (Squares) – Starbucks Area
Fluxwerx Aperture (Circles) – Fitness Center

The main lighting design goal is to provide a pleasant/glare-free comfortable lighting environment for hotel guests to be able to perform various tasks while achieving exceptional lighting performance and efficiency.  Fluxwerx’s Aperture Series fixtures exceeded all expectations by also contributing a refreshing unique design style to further enhance the visual aesthetics of the interior design in the space.

– Jackie Hui, Director of Lighting Design, Stanford Hotels Corporation





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