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[VU1][B] Beam[A] 70 Up / 30 Dn[A] 19 W
[R] Radius[B] 20 Up / 80 Dn[B] 23 W
[S] Square[C] 29 W
[D] 38 W
[35] 3500 K[A] Clear Anodized[D] Drywall[04] 4 ft
[40] 4000 K[W] White Powdercoat[G] Grid[06] 6 ft
[S] Structure[08] 8 ft
[R] Remote[XX] x ft in 2ft increments
[F1] Non-Dim[M] 120-277 V[03] ≤ 3ft[A] Alternate Wiring
[F2] 0-10V Dim 3% 120-277V[06] ≤ 6ft[B] Battery Pack
[E1] eldoLED ECO 0-10V Dim 1%[12] ≤ 12ft[C] Chicago Plenum
[25] ≤ 25ft