Great design is clear no matter how well concealed

The path of innovation is not a straight line. It’s two.

A luminaire that is designed for integration with architectural intention, Rails redefines recessed with a balance of unexpected aesthetics and uncompromising performance.

Anidolic Optics

Design without compromise

The dual optic rails, balanced with the luminous floating effect of the translucent horizontal panels, eliminate visible images of intense LED point sources.

The result is a precise distribution providing greater on-center spacing, exceptional work plane uniformity with lower energy density and maximum visual comfort.

Integration with architectural intention

Latest linear Anidolic optics deliver an optimized batwing distribution for up to 10’ x 12’ spacing, delivering over 40fc at less than 0.4 W/ft2 and workplane max/min under 1.5.

Balance of shape and scale

Mix and match sizes and groupings while maintaining design continuity. Available in three sizes—2×2, 1×4 and 2×4—the luminaire’s slim 3.5” profile reduces the influence on the ceiling height to the minimum.

Simple and affordable range of options designed to meet functional requirements for human-centric environments.

Suitable for T-Grid as well as drywall/GWB ceilings using optional Trim or Trimless flange kits.

Recessed redefined.

Priced for a wide range of real-world projects, Rails delivers an optimal balance of modern design, technical performance, and minimal energy consumption to integrate quality illumination with contemporary architecture.

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