Notch 1

A cut above

Utilizing the latest technologies, Notch 1 delivers an optimal balance of modern design, technical performance, and minimal energy consumption to integrate quality illumination with contemporary architecture.

  • Precisely controlled optical distributions.
  • No direct or indirect view of the light source.
  • Low operating temperatures, quality parts and construction.
  • Strategic LED selection, binning and board design.
  • Available in 3000K, 3500K or 4000K, all with SDCM < 2, CRI > 80 and CRI > 90.
  • Third party tested and backed by a 5-year warranty.


The convergence of Anidolic optics with an open aesthetic and architectural materials creates the opportunity for a broad range of applications. Vertical optical structures with linear light extraction elements deliver optical precision and control, balancing occupant comfort with high performance and value.

  • Optical Structures
  • Extraction

Optical Structures

Anidolic optical structures disperse and mix light, eliminating any visible images of the LED point source and ensuring accurate and consistent color.


The clarity of the lens and patented design of the luminaire create a unique void aesthetic with longitudinal visibility directly through the fixture and allow light to flow and permeate the space.

Transparent, vertical optics engineered specifically for LEDs integrated with minimalist design and architectural materials to create a broad range of solutions with superior optical and energy performance.
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Best Practices

EnvironmentSpaceDistributionEnergy (W/ft)QTYSpacingUniformity (Max)light + energy
Open Office60 x 60 x 9Symmetric5.5 (B)5 rows of 56'12' o.c.1.541 fc | 0.42 W/ft2
Meeting Room12 x 15 x 9Symmetric7 (C)2 rows of 12'10' o.c.1.739 fc | 0.54 W/ft2
Private Office12 x 10 x 9Symmetric5.5 (B)2 x 8' units6' o.c.1.738 fc | 0.72 W/ft2
Teaching Space32 x 28 x 12Symmetric8.5 (D)2 rows of 28'14' o.c.2.038 fc | 0.53 W/ft2
Public Area40 x 30 x 9Symmetric7 (C)12 x 8' units12' o.c. x 10'1.645 fc | 0.54 W/ft2
Display Wall40 x 7HAsymmetric5.5 (B)1 row of 36'36" setback2.1 (Wall)42 fc (Wall) | N/A
Corridor60 x 6 x 9Symmetric4.5 (A)4 x 4’ units15' o.c.1.2 (Floor)7.5 fc | 0.19 W/ft2