Fluxwerx View wins Product Innovation Award 2016

Architectural suspended LED luminaire, featuring a unique transparent lens, selected as winner in Interior Linear Lighting category.


Gallery_View_openoffice_22Photography: Tom Arban Photography | Design: Gensler


Vancouver, BC (June 28, 2016) – Fluxwerx, a Lumenpulse brand of high performance, LED luminaires for commercial and institutional spaces, has won Architectural SSL Magazine’s 2016 Product Innovation Award in the Interior Linear Lighting category for its View luminaire.

View is a suspended linear pendant luminaire that integrates minimalist design and architectural materials with superior optical and energy performance. Featuring second-generation anidolic extraction with low brightness and superior efficacy, View’s vertically oriented optics result in a complete absence of glare. The luminaire’s newly redesigned 4’ unique transparent lens eliminates previously visible 8” break-lines, delivering unparalleled clarity right through the fixture.

“While continuously striving to push the boundaries of LED innovation, it is great to be acknowledged for our efforts. View is a game-changer in the lighting industry. The transparency of its lens truly changes the paradigm, delivering a luminaire that merges cutting edge technology with design, and transforms the way light is delivered to architecture.”

– Tim Berman, president of Fluxwerx.




Only 4.5 inches in height and 1.5 inches in width, plus requiring just 18 inches drop distance from the ceiling and spaced 15 feet apart with 50 footcandles at a half a watt a square foot, View demonstrates what the next generation of LEDs can deliver.

“There’s an old maxim that says be careful what you wish for. Back in 2007 when we started this magazine, it was very difficult to find any LED products. Almost a decade later, the challenge is not finding an LED product, it’s identifying the good ones—thus the PIAs, which we hope will help lighting decision-makers everywhere make more informed choices, or at the least, point them in a good starting direction.”

– Jim Crockett, Editorial Director, Architectural SSL Magazine.

View’s long life mid-flux LED system is optically and thermally designed and TMZI verified to maintain 90% of initial lumen output for more than 60,000 operating hours (L90 > 60,000 h). Its anidolic optical structures disperse and mix light, eliminating any visible images of the LED point source, delivering comfortable illumination of commercial and institutional environments. The light intensity is dimmable, with the pendant luminaire providing both direct and indirect lighting in multiple correlated color temperatures (3000K, 3500K or 4000K) with SDCM < 2 and CRI +80.

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More information about View can be found at http://fluxwerx.com/products/view/


About Fluxwerx:

Fluxwerx is a manufacturer of innovative, high-performance, LED luminaires for the general lighting of commercial and institutional spaces, such as office, education and healthcare. Founded in 2011, Fluxwerx has quickly established itself at the forefront of LED lighting technology, with a distinctive product offering and breakthrough proprietary anidolic optics technology that offers substantial energy savings, lighting quality, and remarkable lifetime. The company was acquired by Lumenpulse in 2016. Follow Fluxwerx on TwitterInstagram & LinkedIn.

About Architectural SSL Product Innovation Awards (PIA):

 The Architectural SSL Product Innovation Awards (PIA) determine and honor the most innovative LED/ solid-state luminaires and fixtures on the market, while also recognizing the companies behind the components that make up these light sources. The PIA program also recognizes leaders in categories ranging from those conducting cutting-edge R+D, to those helping in the development of standards as well as those pushing to make solid-state lighting a truly sustainable technology.

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