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Radial Anidolic Optics

New Radial Anidolic optics deliver a highly efficacious, precise, axially symmetric lighting distribution in a small scale, transparent optical lens for seamless integration with modern industrial design.



A wide angle indirect distribution allows a minimal suspension distance to achieve a uniform, luminous ceiling plane. Combined with a 360° symmetrical batwing direct distribution, the indirect optic delivers better uniformity, lower energy densities and maximum visual comfort.




The initial stage of the optical technology mixes light as it rotates around the fully transparent Radial Anidolic element. The result is a floating ring of light with accurate and consistent color that losslessly eliminates any visible images of the intense LED point source.




The second stage uses precise extraction elements to emit high performance distributions with exceptional optical control and efficacies.




Radial Anidolic optics deliver a batwing distribution that is symmetrical on all planes around the horizontal axis for optimal visual comfort from all viewing angles and exceptional work plane uniformity.



Linear Anidolic Optics

Transparent, vertical optics are engineered specifically for LED sources. Integrated with minimalist design and architectural materials, they deliver a broad range of products with superior optical and energy performance.

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[A] Anidolic optical structures disperse and mix light, eliminating any visible images of the LED point source and ensuring accurate and consistent color.


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[B] Precise extraction elements refract and reflect light, emitting high performance distributions with exceptional optical control and efficacies.



Recessed | General Area Lighting

2x2 |100 dn
1x4 | 100 dn


Suspended | General Area Lighting

20 up | 80 dn
55 up | 45 dn


Suspended | General Area Lighting

70 Up | 30 Dn
20 Up | 80 Dn


Suspended | General Area Lighting

15 Up | 85 Dn
40 up | 60 dn