• FOLD, NOTCH & INBOX: visually arresting design + superior functionality.

  • FOLD. Organic design elevates functional into beautiful.

  • PROFILE. The best design is as little design as possible.

  • INBOX. Balanced design subtracts the obvious and adds the meaningful.

  • VIEW. Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.

  • NOTCH. Design is an exploration of solid and void, of light and texture.

  • TRANSOM. Extraordinary design provides relief from the ordinary.


April 04, 2016 – Montreal, QC / Vancouver, BC 

Fluxwerx Profile luminaire wins Red Dot award: Product Design 2016

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Innovative suspended LED luminaire, featuring a unique hollow aperture design, wins coveted award for design – Lumenpulse press release


March 29, 2016 – Montreal, QC / Vancouver, BC 

Fluxwerx introduces three new LED luminaires for architectural applications.

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Fluxwerx, a Lumenpulse brand, launches Fold, Notch, and Inbox – Lumenpulse press release



March 10, 2016 – Vancouver, BC

Fluxwerx has joined the Lumenpulse Group (TSX: LMP).

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Fluxwerx Joins Lumenpulse Group – Fluxwerx press release

Fluxwerx Joins Lumenpulse Group – Lumenpulse press release